Everywhere around the world, we are facing a real problem of shortage of medical staff. With proper IoT enabled informatics to enhance clinical workflow, doctors and nurses alike can focus on critical tasks on hand. Patients too will find themselves getting faster services and spending less time in hospital.
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Infection Controlled HardwarePC, Displays, Keyboard/Mouse

BLE Asset Location TrackingBLE Gateways & Sensors

Nursing Flow OptimizationServicing Flow Software Analytics

Cloud Based Glucose-meter & Analytics

Embedded Air Purification Tech

Multiple studies have shown in addition to patient-borne illnesses and chemicals used to clean hospitals, one of the largest sources of airborne pollutants in a hospital is outside air. Research by the U.S. Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has found in many areas, indoor air quality is 10X worse than outdoor air.

Ceiling Mount Design (space efficient)
Ultra-Low Noise Emission
99.97% Particle Filtration/Microbial Cleansing